Panel Management

Manage your panels with a few keystrokes With CasePro you can seamlessly manage and track your member-volunteers without having to track their participation in external documents. CasePro uses an easy-to-use system to generate panels for committee and panel hearings for Grievance, Professional Standards and Arbitration activities. Request a demo.

CasePro’s Member management tool gives staff the flexibility to add, edit and delete member-volunteers and to assign each volunteer a role – either committee member or chairperson. One of the greatest features of CasePro is that the system will assign cases to committee panels based on timing and case status saving staff time.

Benefits to You:

  • Generate panels for Grievance, Professional Standards and Arbitration hearings, saving valuable staff time
  • Track member-volunteers using the administrative tool
  • Assign roles to volunteers – panel member or chairperson
  • Send meeting requests for committee and panel meetings via email
  • Assign cases to panels depending upon the step in the process, whether it is Grievance Committee or Professional Standards related
  • Manage and maintain Arbitration panel members, mediation and committee dates
  • Check out CasePro’s powerful Reporting functionality

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