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Giving Matters.


At MDG, we care about our clients and our community. Partnering with Feeding America, we have donated over 40,000 meals with your help. Sign our Holiday eBook and we will sponsor 25 meals for each post. Thank you to Bank of America who will triple our donation. Together, we can make a difference.

Give the Gift of Food.
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MDG Says–

Association & marketing professionals making a difference. McKenna Group teams up with the Greater Chicago Food Depository for a volunteer day to bring 17,000 pounds of protein to over 4,100 families.

“Small sacrifices roll up to larger opportunities to give. To our clients, thank you for the opportunity to deliver better on your mission. To my McKenna Group team, thank you for the amazing work you do.”
– Warren McKenna, CAE

“I was overcome with a commitment to get the job done and to get the job done right. I’m invigorated to support our clients with that same enthusiasm and a greater appreciation for giving.”
– Joyce Chacko


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  1. Mary Square

    Giving reminds me to live outwardly. It provides perspective that the world is bigger than my problems and life is about more than my comfort. Thanks Heather for sharing this opportunity to give.

  2. Sara Chiovari

    Helping others is the greatest gift you can give!

  3. Rose Berg

    It is in giving that we receive!

  4. Peter Touff

    Keep up the great work Team McKenna!!

    Happy Holidays

  5. Barbara Domagala

    Giving is the spirit of the holiday season!

  6. Lauri Grzelak

    To celebrate the joy of the holiday season!

  7. Valerie O'Connor

    Thank you for sponsoring meals this holiday season!

  8. Maureen Geoghegan

    Giving is better than getting!

  9. El McGann

    Share in the happiness! Give to others and choose to be kind.

  10. Cindy Goins

    Giving is a win-win proposition! No reason not to give.

  11. Jaison Chacko

    Thank you for feeding the hungry and homeless! <3

  12. Anne Rendle

    The Golden Rule is incorporated into every major religion as well as the Realtor Code of Ethics – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”! Giving matters!!!

  13. Karen Greenwood

    Many Blessings!

  14. James Martin

    In every moment a connection is being made, yet the impact might be immediately unknown. Life has blessed me many opportunities along the way. The lessons have been impactful and with grace I share for a better tomorrow. In every moment, a person is the center of all the magic the world holds true. I hope that I can share with you or another the moment that has been blessed to me.

  15. Ann Hayes

    No one should go hungry. There is an abundance of food in America, and so much of it is wasted, yet we have people living without knowing where their next meal will come from. We must do a better job.

  16. Tonya Deskins

    There are so many people that don’t have enough to eat this holiday. Giving matters to me because eating should be a basic human right not just during the holidays but everyday.

  17. Dale Hurd

    Because nobody should go hungry especially when we have so many people who have an incredible abundance and can make hunger a non issue here and around the globe. Thank you for stepping forward to do this and Merry Christmas.

  18. Jackie

    Helping those less fortunate should be a part of everyone’s way of life

  19. Judy Carlsen

    It shows God’s love to share with those in need.

  20. Debbie Sprindzunas

    Helping others is a great gift we can give! Thank you for doing this!

  21. Linda Callicutt

    To those to whom much is given,……..from Him much is expected.
    We must share our blessings with those who have not been as fortunate.

  22. Andres Torres

    I believe it is important to share we the most needed people not only during holiday season, but all the time.

  23. Dan Taddei

    Very good to give to those in need this time of year.

  24. Susan Parker

    No one should be hungry when there are so many of us with more than enough. Thank you for helping!!

  25. Patty Olejnik

    Because it’s important to do as much as we can, when we can. Thank you!

  26. Tracy W

    Thanks for your generosity.

  27. Kevin Boyd

    We live in a time of abundance, yet many children in Chicago go to bed hungry. For children in these families, holiday breaks are often worse because they aren’t being fed at school. Thanks for making a real difference!

  28. Joyce Chacko

    Giving feeds to the soul! So proud to be a member of such a wonderful team! Happy Holidays.

  29. Kevin Kummer

    Thanks for doing this Warren. You and your group are very generous!

  30. Kristen Egelston

    Happy Holidays! It’s better to give than receive…

  31. Roger Nelson

    Great work you are doing!

  32. Roger Nelson

    Helping those in need…

  33. Susan Haack

    Giving matters to me . . . because I have so much.

  34. Sal Kemper

    We humans are all in this together, and it’s important to help each other when we can.
    Thanks to McKenna for this effort!

  35. Kathy Sinnen

    Because everyone should have food this holiday season!

  36. Aaron

    Great work you are doing!

  37. Fred Ulreich

    Thank you Team MDG for your dedication to help Feeding America. I wish you, your team members and all the families blessed by this generosity, the best wishes of the season and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

  38. Rosemarie Webb

    Giving to others makes a real difference, always, and it just feels so good!

    Season Greetings!

  39. John Peller

    Nobody should be hungry ever, and especially at the holidays!

  40. Tracey Booth

    Thank you for doing this!

  41. Scott McLane

    Because I am so much more fortunate than so many people who struggle for life’s basics.


    In a time with so much tragedy and pain, it is important to show there is always more good than evil in the world.

  43. Kathy Masterson

    Giving to others, especially those in need is one of my favorite things to do. God has blessed me so much and in return I try to live a life that blesses others.

  44. Connie DeHut

    Because everyone matters and should have a hot, healthy meal.

  45. Karen Kiell

    Giving is an obligation in a civil society.

  46. Karen Pubentz

    Happy to participate in such a valuable and worthwhile project.

  47. Kim Savelsbergh

    Every family should have food on their table, especially at this time of the year. I’m happy to support MDG and Feeding America.

  48. Barbara Adams

    Good Job.
    Great Holiday Spirit

  49. Elsie Iturralde

    What a great cause to support!

  50. Kacey Larsen

    Giving matters because it brightens someone’s day in even the simplest of ways, which is especially heartwarming during the holiday season!

  51. K DeServi

    My family and our health!

  52. Katie Bruce

    Giving is important not just during the holidays, but year round. There is no better feeling than knowing your thoughtfulness positively impacts another human.

  53. Rajesh Sharma

    Being a firm believer in “What goes around comes around”. Helping give back to those in need is good karma.

  54. Thelma Reynolds

    Giving to those who cannot afford the basic needs of every human being will enrich both your life and theirs.

  55. Theresa Grella

    I am blessed with good health, a beautiful family, a warm home and a job I enjoy. It is through my hard work that I am able to take the time to volunteer and to give back to those in need. It warms my heart to give to those that have a struggle whether physically, medically or financially and if I can put a smile on one person’s face, my deeds are good. I want to share the blessings.

  56. Bonnie Brantmeier

    Giving matters

  57. Dale Contant

    Giving generously is good for your soul.

  58. John Belmont

    May the spirit of sharing and peace prevail throughout the year!

  59. Vickie Igleski

    I love Giving Tuesday! If we don’t support each other through giving none of us would be where we are today! Thanks MDG for donating meals and helping out the community! You guys are great!

  60. Susan Parker

    No one is an island. We all are meant to care for and take care of one another.

  61. Susan and Jim Newcomb

    You may light another’s candle with your own without loss.

  62. Katie Anderson

    Giving is so important, especially this time of year. I’m so happy to be part of this movement to feed our communities. Happy Holidays!

  63. Elizabeth McKenna

    Looking forward to another fruitful #GivingTuesday campaign. I am especially thrilled that Team MDG was able to volunteer @FoodDepository and show our support to end hunger. Wishing you a bright and merry holiday season. #SignToGive #McKennaDesignGroup

  64. Kevin Satoh

    Great cause, Warren and the rest of the MDG team!

  65. Gregg Anderson

    Sharing God’s gifts is not only what God intends, it strengthens our human community and brings us all closer together.

  66. Ryan Yaggie

    As the world continues to grow more and more people fall into poverty. This world has given me so much, largely because the color of my skin and the geographic location of my birth. I did not choose this and it is for this very reason that I plan on leaving more on this earth than I have taken. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

  67. Cindy Foley

    How awesome that you are partnered with Feeding America! It is so important to help someone who might be less fortunate then yourself.

  68. Lalaine Castillo

    This is such a great cause! Thank you for all you do to help feed America!

  69. Mike Steffen

    Giving to people in need matters because it may give them the chance they need to survive and possibly even thrive again!

  70. Heather Kahl

    This is a wonderful way to honor the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for giving back to the community. Happy Holidays!

  71. Mark Kottman

    I am a strong proponent of the get by giving philosophy

  72. Laura Buske

    Sharing can help make someone else’s life a little better.

  73. Kathleen Griglione

    Because in a world of give and take, giving comes first.

  74. Jill Wachholz

    Giving is loving.

  75. Amber Burnett

    Thank you!

  76. Jill Klusendorf

    One of the greatest blessings in my life was to have been raised by parents who taught us the importance of giving. My mother often reminded us that, while people may be poor, they were NOT broke. To impart these lessons to my children, and see it in action, is one of life’s greatest rewards! Thanks McKenna Family, for continually Paying it Forward! So grateful to have you in my life! xo

  77. Sam Griffin

    Thankful for giving in this holiday season. Giving isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the responsibility of those who have more. Using your skills or position to help others is the real meaning of the season.


    you guys are awesome! This is a wonderful cause and wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday season!
    Teri Sharp,
    American Precision Supply

  79. Ashley Hatfield

    Having a giving and grateful heart is what the season is all about. Lifting up others is what is important.

  80. David Pekel

    Many thanks and gratitude to the Mckenna Design Group for this noble and generous gesture of giving.

  81. Susan Haack

    In a country this rich, no one should go hungry! The generosity of McKenna Design Group should be applauded and modeled by other companies!

  82. Russell Berry

    It’s the right thing to do! We are all in this together and it is our responsibility as the human race to be kind and compassionate. Who knows when they might need some help? Its always great to know you can do something for some one,,no matter how small.

  83. Amy Masters

    Thank you!

  84. Mark Kottman

    Giving back is an important aspect of life. I believe in the get by giving philosophy

  85. Cheryl Simon

    This is the best and most generous holiday idea ever!
    Thank you.

  86. David B. Bennett

    Giving to other is what life is all about!

  87. Jan Burchett

    It’s an attitude of gratitude and in thinking about that, it just makes sense to help others. Great idea!

  88. Kim

    I realized during this Thanksgiving weekend, that we are so fortunate that our kids have never known what it feels like to be in need and that is the best reason to give!

  89. Danielle Cole

    What an amazing way to bring joy and happiness to so many hearts this Holiday Season!!! Great work Team McKenna!

  90. Warren McKenna

    Thank you to my team and our clients. The work we do allows us to give in extraordinary ways. Happy holidays to all!

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