National Color Day – Orange

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow”

–Wassily Kandinsky

About Orange:

  • Orange is the only color whose name was taken from an object.
  • Nobility were the only ones during the Elizabethan Era would were allowed to wear orange.
  • Originally, carrots weren’t orange. The most common color was purple until 17th century Dutch growers crossbred white rooted mutated yellow and wild carrots.

Famous Logos Using Orange:

The Home Depot, University of Illinois and Nickelodeon

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National Color Day – Green


Green: said of many things which have green in them. People speak of an evergreen oak because it is green all the time. And certain cabbages are called green cabbages because their leaves do not whiten like those of white cabbages.

-Antoine Furetiere (1619-1688) From his Dictionnarie universel (Universal Dictionary), the publication of white cause his expulsion from the Academie Francaise.

About Green:

  • No plant contain pigments capable of dyeing fabric a vivid green resistant to sunlight and repeated washing. Humans learned that adding yellow and blue they could create it.
  • To dream of green is a sign of good fortune in China: the sleeper can rely on his vitality. But if the color pervades the entire dream, it signifies that he is subject to savage forces.
  • Interior designers recommend using green to create a soothing atmosphere.

Famous Logos Using Green:

BP (British Petroleum), Starbucks Corporation and The Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Thank you to Anne Varichon’s Book – Colors, What They Mean and How to Make Them, for supplying content and inspiration.

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