National Color Day – White


“The white canvas-it’s like a layer of dust that covers up the real painting. It’s just a matter of cleaning it. I have a little brush to clear away the blue, another for the red, and another brush for the green. And when I’ve finished cleaning, the picture is all there.”

-George Braque (1882-1963)

About White:

  • In 1669, Isacc Newton demonstrated that the color white results from the synthesis of the six colored rays that compost the spectrum.
  • Many cultures have many perceived variations on white. For example the Inuit have 7 variations of white, Japanese use 6 distinct terms to evoke whiteness and in India Sanskirt texts describe whiteness by object (example: whiteness of a tooth, whiteness of a pearl or whiteness of an autumnal moon).
  • The whiteness of milk and it’s symbolism is important in many cultures, for example in Muslim Egypt, they refer to milk to describe a beautiful day.

Famous Logos Using White:

Metallica, Cartoon Network and Uber Technologies, Inc.


Thank you to Anne Varichon’s Book – Colors, What They Mean and How to Make Them, for supplying content and inspiration.

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