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We track the competition. We focus on innovation. McKenna Design Group develops road maps to build value, preference and loyalty. You’ll be thrilled at what we reveal from the outside.


Know What You’ve Got

Audits are an excellent starting point, especially when determining viability of existing materials.

  • Communications Audit (Print and Digital)
  • Brand Audit
  • Technology Audit

Understand Your Customer

It starts with your customers. Who they are. What they want. What they NEED. Then deliver it to them, when and how they want.

  • Customer Assessments, Satisfaction Surveys
  • Audience Segmentation Strategy

Keep an Eye on the Competition

What’s your competition doing? Are they outpacing you in research, development and the delivery of meaningful customer solutions? A formal competitive assessment should be done with some regularity to keep one step ahead.

  • Competitive Assessment

Bridge the Gap

Many organizations have a 3 or 5 year strategic plan but often get stuck moving the organization forward. Strategic plans are successfully activated when a Customer Experience Strategy is developed to close the gap between the overall business strategy and the tactics of Sales, Marketing, Development.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Workshop Facilitation

Positioning Strategy

A brand revitalization can be one of the most invaluable investments in your organization. It’s the sum total of understanding your competition and audience, and the opportunity to stand on what makes you unique.

  • Strategic Positioning

Engagement Platform

Do you have the tools in place to execute your Customer Experience Strategy? Be where your customers are. Develop a two-way conversation. Ensure you have the technology in place to conduct, track and report on customer engagement.

  • Technology Assessment
  • Engagement Strategy

New Product Development

Ideas spark. Ingenuity reigns supreme. Develop the platform to brand, package and promote your new branded thing – whether it’s a product, service or program.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brainstorming and workshop facilitation
  • Product Positioning

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